‘Tis the Season to Get Healthy

  Posted on Dec 01,2016

Happy Holidays, everyone!  We’re thrilled to share the first holiday season of Scepter Health Resources with you.  The holidays are a magnificent time of family, friendship, blessings, giving, celebration and happiness.  We like to add health and wellness to our list of ways we’re spreading the holiday spirit too, because we believe “health is wealth.” 

Many people wait until the New Year to get their health on track.  We believe that there is no better time to get healthy than the present, even during the holiday season.  While temptations may be high and you may be out of your typical routine, using some holiday down-time to begin healthy practices is a wonderful way to celebrate this special time of year.   We’re sharing a few tips to help you make your holiday season one full of health and wellness for you and your family.

Tip #1:  Eat Healthy and Set Limits for Indulgences

With so many holiday parties, gifts of goodies and festive treats offered during this season, it’s hard to resist over-indulging.  Going into the holiday season with a healthy eating game-plan is the best way to curb too many sweets and over-eating.  If you know you’re going to lavish dinner party, take small portions of all of the dishes you want to sample.  This way you won’t feel you’re missing out on anything but you won’t consume the extra calories by heaping your plate full.  It’s also easy to over-indulge at cocktail parties where small appetizers and desserts are plentiful.  Keep track of what you’ve eaten and don’t refill your plate more than twice.  It’s a good idea not to go to parties starving so you won’t unnecessarily gorge yourself.  If you set limits to the indulgences you plan to consume – say one or two small treats a day – it should help your overall holiday diet.

When you’re not at holiday events, make an extra effort to eat healthy to counterbalance some of the holiday treats you know are ahead.  Fill up on lean protein, vegetables, fruits and whole grains.   Limit saturated fats, simple carbohydrates, too much salt and excessive alcohol.  These items might contribute to holiday weight gain and they may also make you feel sluggish and less than cheery during your holiday season. 

Tip #2:  Keep Moving

Getting out of your daily routine can sometimes mean less physical activity.  Some amount of lounging is good, but your body needs physical activity at least 5 days a week.  Use the holiday season as a time to get moving in different ways or try new exercise.  Visiting a hiking trail you’ve never tried before, taking long bike rides or walks with out-of-town guests, playing family football in your yard, or registering for a fitness class that you’ve always been too busy to attend are all great ways to ensure you’re getting your exercise this season.  Use this time outside of your scheduled life to mix it up and add some spice to your physical activity.  Also, enjoy fitness with friends and family to continue the spirit of togetherness during your holiday season.

Tip #3:  Take a Mental Health Break

Like the rest of your body, your mind also needs a break over your winter vacation.  Be sure to make room for mental health this season through relaxation, unplugging and using your brain in different ways.  By stepping outside the chaos and stress of your daily life you can release your mind and give it time to rest and repair.  This can be achieved in many ways: from gardening, volunteering or visiting the spa, to watching holiday movies, having a family game night or doing brain teasers or puzzles.  Give your brain a break during the holidays for a sharper, more focused outlook in the New Year.

Tip #4:  Minimize Stress

The holidays are known to be a stressful time of year for many people.  Do your best to minimize stress by not waiting until the last minute to cook, buy gifts and schedule get-togethers, and try to avoid stressful situations.  Tension may be on high as everyone wants to make the holidays perfect and special and relatives of all types gather together.  The best holidays are those that are calm and peaceful when everyone can laugh and enjoy each other.  Make an effort not to over-commit yourself and to lighten the mood with fun family activities such as games or songs.  Remember to not sweat the small stuff.  Stress can ruin your holidays so make the choice to take deep breaths, smile and enjoy yourself instead.

Tip #5:  Consider Preventative Healthcare

When your health is in order, you can focus on other priorities in your life.  That is why preventative healthcare is so important.  Set yourself up for success by implementing healthy lifestyle habits before the New Year.  This includes a healthy diet, regular exercise, having regular check-ups and health screenings, and mental and emotional wellness.  Taking a natural daily supplement like Moringa Oleifera may help with every aspect of your preventative healthcare efforts by providing you with superior nutrients to energize and focus your day.  With over 90 vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and other phyto-nutrients, Moringa is one of nature’s best nutraceuticals for health and wellness.  Start your Moringa regimen during the holiday season and feel the boost before the New Year.

With all the joys we have to be thankful for this season and in the New Year, we wish you much wealth in the form of health, happiness, love and togetherness.  We hope to become part of your family’s healthy traditions for years to come.   From our family to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!