Welcome to Scepter Health Resources, Home of the Natura Royal brand of Nutritional Supplements

  Posted on Nov 02,2016

Welcome to the Scepter Health Resources blog, a resource for nutritional supplements, natural medicines and healthy living.  I am thrilled to invite you to our new home and I hope you will soon make Natura Royal nutritional supplements your trusted brand for health and wellness. 

Like many of you, I am on a quest to find the best natural health sustenance for my family.  As a pharmacist and healthcare professional, I have the fortune of applying my knowledge of health, nutrition and medicine to caring for my family and my patients in the best way possible.  I believe that there is a time and place for pharmaceuticals in a disease state, but there is also great value in neutraceuticals for sustained health and wellness. 

While practicing as a pharmacist for nearly 10 years, I have observed a higher trend in public demand and a growing interest in natural medicines for health maintenance and to address some common health concerns in adults and children alike.  That is why I collaborated with other healthcare professionals and experts in the field of nutrition to found Scepter Health Resources and the Natura Royal brand of nutritional/dietary supplements.  Our brand features the finest all-natural plant-based superfoods from around the world. 

While there are hundreds of natural health foods available, Moringa Oleifera is among the most effective and nutritious for holistic health and wellness.  My family has been taking Moringa for years and I’m excited to share pure Moringa products and all-natural herbal Moringa blends with the global community right here at Scepter Health Resources. 

Why is Moringa such a phenomenal superfood?  There are numerous benefits of Moringa, but I’d like to share my top three with you:

Energy:  With a unique combination of nutrients that include antioxidants, essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, Moringa tops my list of nutritional supplements for sustained daily energy.  Our bodies crave natural nutrients to provide the energy we all need to face life’s daily adventures and to meet daily physical demands.  Moringa energizes your day with this burst of nutrients and will increase stamina, endurance and strength during physical activity and exercise.  Plus, Moringa is a whole food with a delicate balance of essential nutritional elements – such as fiber, protein and essential fats – that keep your body satiated so you won’t need to grab extra empty calories throughout the day.


Immune Health:  Antioxidants are among the best natural nutrients to boost immune to strength to ward off illness and disease.  Moringa not only contains antioxidants, it is one of the richest sources of antioxidants on the planet.  We’re all bombarded with hundreds of pathogens everyday, from free radicals streaming from UV rays, to microbes on surfaces we touch and foods we consume.  Our bodies are magnificent machines that fend off many potential threats, but we can bolster our body’s natural defenses through immuno-protective supplements like Moringa.  Over time, a stronger body has incredible age-defying effects both internally and externally, which includes reducing the risk of chronic conditions, life-threatening or degenerative diseases, and looking and feeling aged.

Mental and Emotional Wellbeing:  Good nutrition isn’t for the sole purpose of our physical health.  Moringa supports mental focus, clarity and concentration by offering brain-boosting nutrients, especially omega fatty acids that help maintain the integrity of brain cells.  Many amino acids also stimulate positive neurotransmitter effects that aid in cognition and help preserve emotional stability.  Stress, anxiety and emotional balance play a large part in our holistic health and entire outlook.  Moringa can assist your daily mental and emotional wellbeing for more productive and positive days.

Moringa is easy to incorporate into your health regimen with Moringa capsules, Moringa tea or Moringa powder.  With just two capsules daily, several warm cups of Moringa tea or by adding Moringa powder to a variety of your favorite foods, you can reap the amazing benefits of Moringa.  We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter (at the bottom of our website) to be the first to learn about new wellness products from Scepter Health Resources.

I hope you will find our website a wealth of knowledge, nutrition, and scientific proof for your natural, healthy lifestyle.  After all, health is wealth, and I wish you much of both in your life!


Dr. Lara Sodunola, Bs, Pharm.D, Rph