About us


Stay Healthy.  Live Wealthy.

Scepter Health Resources is a nutritional/dietary supplement company.  Our goal is to encourage healthy lifestyle choices so our clients can live longer and robust lives.  In addition to a balanced diet and active lifestyle, one of the most effective ways to improve health and wellness is through nutritional supplements.  That’s why we developed the Natura Royal line of nutritional and weight loss supplements to complement these goals.  We strive to educate others and share the many benefits of our collection, especially our Natura Royal brand Moringa Oleifera, as part of a daily health regimen.  

We stand by our motto, “Stay Healthy. Live Wealthy.”  When each of us supports our individual health to the fullest extent, we can get the most out of our lives.  Wealth can be measured in many ways.  To us, being our healthiest selves makes us richest, happiest and most complete.  Like the old saying goes, health is truly wealth.

We are a group of pharmacists and other healthcare professionals who are on a journey to inspire healthier lifestyles throughout the world.  Our community of health conscious individuals stream across the nation, as well as internationally, and we make every effort to give them the knowledge and tools to be successful!  

Our everyday mission includes:


  • Live an active lifestyle
  • Find balance of energy and mood
  • Maintain a wholesome diet
  • Be a member of a wellness center
  • Visit your physician and dentist at least yearly
  • Keep BMI within a healthy range
  • Surround oneself with positive people and influences
  • Be the best person possible
  • Stay healthy physically and spiritually
  • Educate others on health and wellness with our pharmacist-recommended Natura Royal line of nutritional supplements